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We provide educational programmes for entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy.

JA Malta is a member of JA Worldwide® which for 100 years has delivered hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy. JA creates pathways for employability, job creation and financial success. 

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The JA Malta Podcast


The JA Malta Podcast has just been launched. 

Tune in to hear from local industry experts, who weigh in on topics directly affecting youths, such as Work Readiness, the focus for Season 1.

If you would like to boost your work readiness skills, give us a listen!

Season 1 of the JA Malta Podcast is funded by the VOPS scheme, which falls under the Ministry for Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector.

StartUp Programme – StartUp Bootcamp 2024

The StartUp Programme, for students aged 18-30, is a 2-month experience, featuring an intense week-long bootcamp, aiming to supercharge Malta’s start-up ecosystem.

The StartUp Programme will see you competing against other teams to come up with, and pitch, the best, investor-ready business idea.

If you are an enterprising youth, hoping to get somewhere someday, make that day Today!



JA Malta Alumni

Calling all alumni!

Join our local JA Malta Alumni network, to attend events, network, and connect with our nation’s movers and shakers.


Keep up with the brightest minds and latest emerging ideas at the JA Malta Think Tank, a new initiative aimed at sparking intelligent dialogue and open discussion between expert panel members and the general public.

Drop in any time to be part of an engaging, topical conversation.

See you there!