Fabianne Ruggier


We believe in working towards a better future and through JA we nurture the mindset and the competencies to take us there.

Karl Briffa

Founding Advocate, VB Advocates

JA is about learning by doing. The value of hands-on learning lies not only in shaping the mindsets of young people, but also to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are required to succeed in life. 

If we are to stimulate the entrepreneurship movement in Malta, it is a must that all young people should at least have one practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving school.

Mark Drago

Head of Financial Crime Compliance, HSBC

Matthew von Brockdorff FCII

Managing Director & CEO, Atlas Insurance

The benefit students obtain participating in a JA Malta program is unparalleled and the experience remains with them forever.
Kristina Rapa Manche

Partner, Camilleri Preziosi

I fully believe in JA’s mission to improve students’ understanding of business and entrepreneurship and to educate and to empower them to achieve success in their working life.

Nicky Camilleri

Group CFO, Mizzi Organisation


David Xuereb

Chairperson – MCESD

I am eager to encourage local talent develop entrepreneurial skills and a competitive advantage to drive a deserving, ethical and thriving economy for our society.

Niki Travers Tauss

Group Managing Director, Tauss Holdings

As Young Enterprise alumni myself, I’m a firm believer in the programme’s benefits for participating students ranging from character formation to a sound business acumen. It’s every business leader’s duty to oversee the programme’s continuity.

Klaus Conrad

Managing Director, Headstart Technology


Christina Galea
Chief Executive Officer, Costa Coffee


Vanessa Camenzuli

Freelance Employer Branding and Communications Strategist

Supporting youth development is a very empowering experience. As a Young Enterprise / JA Alumni I am excited to be part of shaping youth’s experience in this programme and the many other JA programmes.