JA Alumni Community

Are you JA? If you participated in Young Enterprise Company Programme, or any of the other programmes, you are JA.

Whether you were a student, you volunteer(ed) with our organisation, you’re part of the alumni and we have a community designed just for you.

Join our local Alumni network, JA Malta Alumni, to attend networking events, and connect with the local business community. 

Connect with global alumni, through our Gather network or get active in Malta. Get help with your next creative venture, or offer your experience and advice to others. Take advantage of career or business opportunities, or connect your business with tens of thousands of JA alumni.

Why join Gather?

    Global community of like-minded people
    Find alumni near you on the interactive map
    Connect and exchange ideas
    Attend alumni events globally
    Develop new skills
    Leadership opportunities

If you have any questions regarding joining our Alumni network, please reach out to us at: