Entrepreneurial Skills Pass

The JA Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) is an international certification for students who have built a real startup through the JA Company Program and gained the knowledge, skills, and competencies to start a business or to be successfully employed.

The ESP is JA’s first global microcredential, which includes a full-year entrepreneurship experience, a self-assessment of entrepreneurial competencies, and an examination of business, economic, and financial knowledge. The ESP validates and certifies students’ knowledge and experience in running a business.

The ESP is managed by JA Europe, which developed the microcredential with the support of the European Commission. Today, the ESP has gone global and is currently offered in 51 JA locations across all six JA regions

“If I have two young persons, one with ESP and another one without, I would definitely present my client the one with ESP because he or she has proven to have the practice. ESP proves that you have not only read the theory but also that you have the practical experience.”
— Geert Vaerenberg, ManpowerGroup

How will this help my working career?

Savvy employers have long known that “intrapreneurs” (entrepreneurs who pursue a career in someone else’s company) make the best employees! Entrepreneurial innovators are unafraid of risks, are passionate and driven to solve any challenge, and are experienced at making the most of shoestring budgets and limited staff.

The ESP review and validation of skills demonstrates proven career competencies:


icons of entrepreneurial skills

MQF Level 3 Non-Formal Award

Upon successful completion of the JA Company programme and after submitting the required documentation, JA Malta will issue a personalised certificate of participation.   

​No​​n Formal Programmes are structured educational programmes provided by registered educational institutions, designed in conformity with the UNESCO four pillars of learning.

This can be included in your Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P)