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Like many not-for-profits, the culture of JA Malta is a decidedly mission-driven one. From the board of administrators to staff members to volunteers and partners, the JA community is filled with dedicated professionals committed to delivering its programmes of hope and opportunity to students around the world.

Through the key content areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness, JA inspires and prepares students to succeed in a global economy. Our success stems from great people who are team players and share a common enthusiasm for the great mission of this organisation.

As part of a global organisation, JA Malta is proud to be part of a network that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2024 and is listed the 4th most impactful NGO in the world for the 5th year in a row by The Dot Good company, formerly, NGO Advisor. JA WORLDWIDE Ranks in the Top 100—and the #1 Non-profit—on Fast Company’s Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators in the World.

We encourage you to apply for a position and join a winning team of people, who educate and inspire students, helping prepare them for the real world.

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