Europe my Business

Level 8-10 | 12–15-year-olds | 8 hours-1 Scholastic Day

400+ Students reached since 2013

Europe my business is an interactive classroom programme which explores the relationship between the natural, human and capital resources found in different countries. It also explores European business and trade which produce goods and services for consumers.


Outcomes of the programme include:

  • Define region, resource, business and entrepreneur
  • Identify resources as natural, human and capita
  • Locate a business of their choosing in a region
  • Analyse resources in different regions
  • List resources required by their business to produce a good or service
  • Decide a location for their business based on the resources found there
  • Understand how adding value to raw materials makes them desirable to consumers
  • Relate how value added to a product through production and services affects price
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages to undertaking production in particular countries
  • Define income, expense, profit & loss
  • Define scarcity and explain why it forces people to make choices
  • Identify the basic what, how and who decisions that people in all economies face