Enterprise In Action

Level 9-10 | 13–15-year-olds | 8 hours – 1/ 2Scholastic Days

100+ Students reached since 2010

This programme focusses on young people’s development of their own enterprise capability through actively engaging in the making of a prototype product. The students understand key business and economic concepts through practical activities and the use of ICT.

The key activities include:

  • Identify their own strengths and skills
  • Idea generation for business ideas through critical thinking and teamwork
  • Explore concepts of brainstorming, leadership, management
  • Understand the importance of ethical business, social enterprises
  • Exploring sources of income
  • Explore concepts: planning, marketing, market research, respect for evidence, customer focus
  • Explore concepts including: costing, pricing, quality, uncertainty, adapting ideas, effecting change, product development, redesign, revision and respect for evidence
  • Use and develop skills including: taking risks, responding to change, analysing information, critical thinking, experimenting, mathematical skills, team working, communication, strategic thinking, problem solving, decision making and IT
  • Design a business model and document the process Identify reasons for change and understand the positive nature of learning-by-doing
  • Use and develop skills including: manual/manufacturing skills, artistic and creative ability, experimenting, team working, communication, problem solving, decision making and IT
  • Reflect on identify and communicate learning outcomes to the members of the team Explore concepts including: promotion, presenting, reviewing progress, learning by doing