JA Company Programme

(Formerly known as Young Enterprise)

Post-Secondary/6th Form | 15–17-year-olds | 8/9 months

5000+ Students reached since 1989

The JA Malta Company Programme is a programme that offers postsecondary students the opportunity to take a business idea, formulate it and make it a reality over the course of 1 academic year; all within the framework of an interorganisational network of youths.

The programme connects youth to a network of Organisational and global business professionals.

JA Malta Company programme is based on our principle of learning by doing and provides a structure that takes the participants through all the phases of the creation of a mini company. The learning by doing experience is delivered through hands-on workshops, guidance by mentors and judging panel’s feedback at the respective stages.

The learning outcomes from the JA Malta Company Programme include the ability of the student to:

  • Engage in creative thinking, ideation and problem-solving activities
  • The ability to prepare and give a presentation to an audience
  • Build confidence and a can-do attitude
  • The ability to work within a team and collaborate
  • Negotiate and make decisions
  • Set goals, manages time and takes risks
  • Create and execute a Business Plan
  • Develop Financial Literacy