New Launch - JA Online Marketplace

We are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative by JA Malta, an Online Marketplace ( for our students and teams participating in the JA Company Programme. The programme, formerly known as Young Enterprise, gives students the learning experience of running a business for an academic year. Selling and digital skills are essential to running a business, so the programme now includes both an online and an offline marketplace for the teams.

The online marketplace is where students enrolled on our flagship Company Programme are showcasing their hard work, via product listings on our e-commerce platform. We invite you to look, and if anything catches your attention, we encourage you to get in touch with the young, enterprising vendors.

The ideation, research, planning, design, production, and logistics all come together here, where students are finally showing us what they’ve been working on these past months. Our Company Programme, with our partnership with Deloitte, is an opportunity for youths to develop their skills through experiential learning with the guidance of expert mentorship, which will serve them well in the world of work and entrepreneurship.

Each team featured in the marketplace is a mini-company, a JA exclusive, which permits minors to run a business from ideation to product design and turn their ideas into action. Unfortunately, since the teams are minors, we cannot offer them a payment gateway for their mini-companies. So far, we have managed to help them set up their company bank account in close collaboration with HSBC Malta. But we will continue working with authorities to maybe one day get to that point. However, for this year’s edition, the online marketplace will operate on a cash on delivery basis.

At JA Malta, we look forward to a future where the JA mini-companies are recognised as an official business structure, and for Malta to implement the EU recommendation in its Entrepreneurship Action Plan of 2020, whereby all students should undergo an entrepreneurship experience such as running a mini-company within their compulsory schooling age so that more young people can benefit from early exposure to hands-on learning of skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and so much more which lead to a stronger self-efficacy

The launch of this Online Marketplace is the first step on their entrepreneurial journey, and we can’t wait to see their projects flourish at the in-person marketplace on the 18th of March in Valletta.

Other Partners working with us on the JA Company Programme include HSBC, Deloitte, Atlas Insurance, EQF Management Consultants, Farsons, eSkills Malta Foundation,Trade Malta and Mizzi Organisation.