Our Community

Level 3-4 | 7–9-year-olds | 8 hours – 1/ 2Scholastic Days

2000+ Students reached since 2014

This programme introduces Grade 4 students to the intersection of work readiness and early primary grades social studies learning objectives, including how citizens benefit from and contribute to a community’s success and the part they play in it.

Children discover the identity of a community, its activities, its people and jobs. In a simple manner, pupils also study the social responsibility of a business and the role of government in the economy.

Outcomes of the programme include:

  • Describe a community
  • Identify the variety of careers people have in a community and how each job requires specific skills
  • Identify how business and government jobs help a community
  • Explain how taxation supports government services
  • Recognise voting as a way for responsible citizens to act in and make their voice heard
  • Describe the basic flow of money in a community’s economy