Building A Financially Capable Generation - BAFCG


Discussions and online game-led activities are used to teach key financial capability concepts to youths. Training sessions lasting 4 hours (2 sessions of 2 hrs) will be delivered by volunteers, bringing their experience from industry into the classroom.

A particular focus will be placed on an online educational game/app, called FinQuest, which will be the main means of delivery for this programme.

Several different “quests” will teach children foundational aspects of money management, such as managing cash flow, planning for the future, and using financial services.

Learning can be assessed by the “Quest Leader”, a teacher in each school, who will be able to see everyone’s scores and track their progress.

The programme will culminate in a National Innovation Challenge on 27th March 2023, where the winning teams from each school will face off in a national competition. The winner will represent Malta in the GLOBAL FinCap Challenge 2023, which will be a 3-hour online event (date and time TBC.)

Learning outcomes for this programme:

  • Managing Cash Flow
    • Earning money
    • Budgeting money
    • Shopping smart


  • Planning for the Future
    • Saving money
    • Managing risk
    • Debt management


  • Using Financial Services
    • Bank accounts
    • Debt management

Register your school’s participation by 8th February 2023 ⤵️

Children will be able to see the bigger picture, and will understand the need to set goals in order to achieve them.

A brief introduction to various essential financial concepts, which will encourage sound financial management.

The programme will explore the connection between needs, wants, and values, to help in keeping finances under control.

This volunteer-led, engaging learning experience will be both fun and impactful!

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Building A Financially Capable Generation (BAFCG) is an ongoing global project, supported by HSBC, aimed at imparting practical information on Financial Capability to youths.