# 10000 FinCap
JA Malta has listened and We are Taking Action.

Join #3000FinCap to improve your money skills and be more financially capable

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Top financial capability benefits

For the Individual and Employers

Greater Focus And Productivity

Reduced Stress

Improved Mental health

Improved Morale & less ABSENTEEISM

Better Retention And Loyalty

Upskilled Employees

Who is this for?


Join a Session

Any adult can benefit from this life skills training. Just show interest, invite others to do so too, and we will inform you about the next upcoming session.

Small and Medium

One time Session

We can come to your organisation and deliver training sessions to your teams. You just provide us the space and invite the attendees; We will do the rest.

LArge Organisations

Train the Trainer

We can train trainers within your team and give you the required resources in order for your financial capability champions to train the others.


* Based on the OECD 4 Core Modules

* Tailored for your needs

Let's change the narrative #3000Fincap

79% of Maltese have limited or average understanding of money