The JAYE Entrepreneurial Programmes at Skola Sajf are back!

For the third time, JAYE is partnering with Skola Sajf as a partner to deliver two entrepreneurial programmes by touring Skola Sajf Centres across Malta and Gozo..  JAYE will be delivering the ‘Our Community’ and ‘Europe My Business’ programmes for the age groups of 7 to 9 and 10 to 13 respectively with a number of fun, engaging activities, discussions and creative spaces. Students participating in these activities will get to learn the basic concept of idea creation, business, the community, develop confidence and presentation skills and so much more.

The JAYE team is building a 14 member facilitator team to reach our goals! If you want to be part of the JAYE team as a Part-Time Summer Entrepreneurship Programmes Facilitator from the 12th of July to 27th August, find more information here: .

If you would like to sign up for Skola Sajf 2021 register here: