For the seventh year running, the Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA) and the European Banking Federation (EBF) are joining a series of activities held across Europe as part of European Money Week (EMW), which is aligned with OECD’s Global Money Week.

The MBA is a member of the EBF. This year the MBA, in collaboration with the Home Economics Seminar Centre of the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes and supported by JAYE Malta Foun­dation and Ġemma, is holding several initiatives to promote awareness on financial literacy, financial education and financial inclusion during EMW 2021 from March 22 to 26.

Details on these events will be issued by the MBA in due course.

At this stage, the MBA is highlighting the series of webinars that will be held by the EBF in this year’s EMW, on the theme ‘Counting everyone in’. The theme highlights the importance of including all social groups in financial education efforts, including the elderly, women and youth.

The first webinar will be held on March 23 at 4pm CET on ‘Financial security at an older age: What do we need to prepare for’.

The topic of the webinar held on the second day, on March 24 at 4pm CET, is ‘Addressing the gender gap in financial literacy as part of a broader strategy for economic empowerment’.

The EBF’s series of webinars concludes on day 3 – March 25 at 4pm CET − with the topic being ‘Financial literacy for young Europeans: Joining forces to help build a future-proof skill set’.

The MBA urges all interested stakeholders to visit the EBF’s website,, for more information, including registration, on the webinar series and other activities for EMW 2021.