On April 22, JAYE Malta once again organised its flagship ‘Leaders for a Day’ event that gives students the opportunity to shadow key individuals in a leadership position across various industries and sectors in Malta.

This behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of industry leaders allows students to learn about the issues that leaders encounter in their daily working lives.

Twenty-six students spent the morning at their respective company with their mentor, where they were immersed into a work environment that differed greatly from their usual academic surroundings, but which showed them the link between what they learn at school and what happens at the workplace. Their work leader took the time to describe their role, their responsibilities and explain what a typical work day looked like for them.

The objectives of ‘Leaders for a Day’ are to highlight the connection between education and successful careers, to expand the students’ network that can better position them when they come to enter the labour market and to encourage the concept of mentoring to youth by professionals.

‘Leaders for a Day’ participants and JAYE Malta staff.

‘Leaders for a Day’ participants and JAYE Malta staff.

“We believe in offering students opportunities outside of their school walls to give them a glimpse into what could soon be their future, should they choose to follow a business path,” JAYE Malta CEO Matthew Caruana said.  “By providing them with a mentor, we strive to encourage an inquisitive mindset and the reassurance of a safe space where they can discuss their ideas and ask their questions.”

Following their time at their assigned companies, all the students congregated at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) in Paola for an afternoon session of workshops and training sessions. All the students and mentors discussed the day’s proceedings, taking note of the learning opportunities and what struck them most from their experience of being within a professional working space for a few hours.

The students discussed the attributes that they believe contribute to being a successful leader, how companies develop new ideas and the best way to start a business and ensure that it is successful.

During the afternoon session, the students listened to a speech from MCAST and participated in an Employability Workshop by Deloitte that showcased a different approach of their future work life.

All students received a certificate for their active participation during the  event.

We would like to thank all the companies that opened their offices and contributed their time towards this initiative.

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