JAYE Malta Foundation wanted to evolve and deliver their programmes in an automated self-led manner, which would increase their accessibility and reach. Deloitte Digital was instrumental in JAYE’s digital transformation journey by supporting them with a custom-made CRM and automated Salesforce platform. The process has allowed JAYE to modernize themselves by incorporating new digital technology across the entire organisation.

The transformation hinged on three main pillars – the student and project experience, business efficiency and operational excellence. The technology will help JAYE build and maintain trusted and lasting relationships with students, contributors, businesses and sponsors. Built on one connected platform, the solution is connecting all parts of JAYE and supporting the imperative shift to digital whilst driving next level change and impact.

Essentially all internal and external manual processes have been automated and digitised, to ensure effective and timely reporting and tracking of projects, budgets, events and impact measurement.

More information is available at JAYE Malta Case Study | Deloitte Digital Malta