Over the course of just one month, we will have reached some 500 students with our volunteer-led BAFCG Programme, a global trial project, sponsored by HSBC Malta Foundation,  running in its fourth year.

The BAFCG (Building a Financially Capable Generation) programme is in progress, and sessions have already been successfully delivered to the following schools, by ten volunteers and two JA staff members:

San Gorg Preca Hamrun
St. Martin’s College
St. Ignatius Handaq – Middle School
St. Clare’s Secondary School Pembroke
The ArchBishop’s Seminary
Maria Regina Naxxar Induction Hub

We will be visiting at least another five schools in the coming days and weeks, and are grateful for the volunteers supplied to us by HSBC Malta Foundation, Costa Coffee and ICON.

JA is an international NGO, global in outlook, and we are proud to say that 30% of our volunteers for these ongoing sessions are foreign nationals, hailing from Mexico, Poland and Hungary, and 80% of them are female.

BAFCG session

BAFCG seeks to impart essential money management skills to secondary school children nationwide, primarily through the use of engaging in-class discussions, and an online educational app called FinQuest.

Several different “quests” will teach children foundational aspects of money management, such as managing cash flow, planning for the future, and using financial services.

Learning can be assessed by the “Quest Leader”, a teacher in each school, who will be able to see everyone’s scores and track their progress.

The programme will culminate in a National Innovation Challenge on 27th March 2023, where the winning teams from each school will face off in a national competition. The winner will represent Malta in the GLOBAL FinCap Challenge 2023, which will be a 3-hour online event.

At JA, we believe that empowering young people – through hands-on money management, entrepreneurship and work readiness training – is key if we are to inspire them to succeed in a global economy.  

BAFCG - poster image