Young lady delivering engaging workshop to class of youths

JA Malta recently (8th February 2024) led the first in a series of workshops, in collaboration with Malta ROCks (a new hub for Dutch students on internships in Malta, a subsidiary of ROCs Amsterdam), represented by Luisa Prando,  and StageOpMalta (internship finder for Dutch students in Malta), run and founded by Yolanda Kleinjan. 

The workshop brought together students from MBOC Almere Poort, MBOC Hilversum, and MBO College Airport Hoofddorp, collectively co-ordinated by Malta ROCks and StageOpMalta, and students from MCAST, in what came to be Malta ROCks’ first activity of this kind.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of this ground-breaking initiative, which strengthened integration and cultural ties between Malta and the Netherlands.

The workshop encouraged students from these various schools and nations to mix, and collaborate on a hypothetical business idea to help spread and intermingle the best aspects of both cultures, which they then had to present in teams before the class. The students’ presentation and team work skills, not to mention their Entrepreneurial mindset, were developed through this hands-on activity, a trademark of JA Malta’s delivery. These soft skills, which contribute to Work Readiness, a core JA Malta pillar, are often overlooked, and form the foundation for the tools needed to succeed in any line of work.

We wish to thank MCAST for providing the venue and facilities, and Silvana Pisciotti from MCAST’s Erasmus+ Projects and Mobility Office, for her kind assistance. We are looking forward to our next encounter with Malta ROCks and StageOpMalta, and are excited to contribute to the betterment of this intercultural cohort’s Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship skills.

JA Malta - MCAST ROCs StageOpMalta Session 1 - 08-02-2024