Global Money Week - JA Malta - 2024
JA Malta in partnership with HSBC Malta Foundation, organised a series of events for Global Money 2024, aimed at enhancing financial literacy among the community. Attendees, ranging from eager students to curious members of the public, were welcomed at our stands—first at the Junior College on Monday, and then in a more picturesque setting outside Parliament in Valletta on Saturday.
The highlight of these gatherings was an engaging Financial Literacy quiz, which not only provided a fun, competitive edge to the learning experience but also offered the chance to win One4All vouchers. This interactive approach to education ensured that participants walked away with not just newfound knowledge but tangible rewards. Also, on the stands was our own Financial Capability developer, Mrs Petra Ellul-Mercer, who was on hand to demystify the complexities of personal finance, offering her expertise on saving, budgeting, and investing. Her presence underscored our commitment at JA Malta to provide practical and actionable advice to those looking to improve their financial well-being.
In addition to the quiz, a standout feature of this year’s Global Money Week was our special podcast, titled “Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future.” This thematic discussion dove into crucial aspects of financial well-being, offering listeners the opportunity to learn more about Global Money Week and the importance of money management. This was the first of a series of financial literacy podcasts aimed at simplifying financial jargon and supporting youths towards healthier money habits. The series of 6 podcasts is planned to start by mid-April. 
Another significant inclusion was JA’s participation in the Learning & Development workshop tailored specifically for educators in schools organised by the Malta Bankers Associations and the Home Economics department within the Ministry of Education.  Here, Petra presented the impact of the Nature-Nurture relationship on financial decision making giving an explanation as to how our money stories are formed. This workshop aimed to equip educators with the tools and knowledge to integrate financial literacy into their curriculum effectively. JA’s participation was a testament to our belief in the power of education to enact lasting change.
For anyone inspired to take control of their financial future, our invitation remains open. We encourage you to reach out and participate in one of our Money Management workshops. These sessions are designed to be accessible to all, free of charge, and cater to individuals across all ages and social backgrounds. Seize this opportunity to transform your relationship with money, guided by experts passionate about your financial success. Join us, and take the first step towards a more financially literate and empowered future.