The JA Malta Company Programme Product Launch, which took place on the 15th December, was an opportunity for Company Programme students to exhibit their products to the public, in a dry run for the JA Malta Marketplace, coming up in March 2024.

The event was well attended, and the youths’ enthusiasm and drive to succeed was palpable in the air.

The Product Launch was the students’ first opportunity to interact with select members of the public (mentors, collaborators, teachers etc.), and develop much-needed soft skills, which will be of great benefit in future business/personal interactions.

Students were able to improve their product/service, based on feedback received from mentors, and various members of the general public.

Being a relatively controlled environment, the Product Launch serves as a gentle introduction to the world of soft skills, especially through presentations, persuasion and expressing one’s ideas and work. These new skills will serve the students well in the run up to the JA Malta Marketplace, coming up in late March next year.

We wish to thank all our partners, especially HSBC Malta Foundation, Deloitte Malta, Atlas Insurance, Mizzi Organisation, ESkills Malta Foundation, Bolt Malta, FinanceMalta, Farsons Group, Hili Ventures and EFQ Management Consultants for making the running of the Company Programme possible. Special thanks are extended to the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights and the MCVS, for funding received through the VOPS scheme.