During a recent startup event – Pitchora Talks – the topic of mentorships was mentioned quite often, with various founders and entrepreneurs mentioning the importance of mentorship and how grateful they were for the mentorship that they received during their challenging journey in entrepreneurship.  This did not surprise me at all, and I was glad to hear this message. I experienced this myself, and there are various experiences and studies from all around the world that demonstrate the importance of mentorship.

At JA Malta Foundation, we believe that mentorship within our programmes is critical to their success and that our mentors and teachers are what make the programmes so impactful on our youth. Participants always tell us how useful and how insightful they find the meetings with their mentors.

For this reason, right before we start the scholastic year, JA Malta is opening a call for mentors who are interested in supporting our youth within our programme. I appeal to all founders and entrepreneurs to sign up and dedicate a few hours to mentor others and share their advice and experience.

There are various articles and studies online that showcase the personal benefits of mentoring… for the mentor! (I am adding some links at the end of this piece just in case you need further proof). Ultimately, apart from the personal gain and benefits of mentoring, I believe that you, as a local founder and entrepreneur, should join our network of mentors for two main reasons.

1. Because you know that you would have appreciated it if you were mentored

Time and time again, I meet established entrepreneurs who say that they regret not having a mentor earlier. For this reason, such experienced entrepreneurs should now give this opportunity to others and present our youth with the support that they would have loved to have. We need you to support the early days in their journey and guide them through the first steps into entrepreneurship

2. Because you need to work to see the change you want to see

Many within the business community complain that the academic system fails our youth – that it is not giving them the right life skills and soft skills. At JA Malta, we believe that our programmes help to resolve this situation, but most of all, we believe that our mentors can contribute greatly to this issue. Just ask our previous mentors and they will tell you about the changes that they see in the students from the beginning to the end of the programme. Through mentoring, you can be part of the change and the improvement needed to the educational system, instead of just complaining about it.

A Bonus Reason for our thousands of JA alumni

I am sure that you appreciate the effect or impact that the JA Company Programme (previously known as Young Enterprise) had on you. Whether you either had the full beneficial experience, as I did, or whether you feel that it did impact you, but it could have been even better – now is YOUR chance to give back.

Make it an amazing experience for someone else; build new relationships with a potential future leader, with a potential innovative game changer.

Offer a group of students some of your time. From my experience as a mentor, and from others who have already done it, I can assure you that you will not regret it. I’ll let you in on a secret… there will be moments when you feel like you are wasting your time, but in the end, when the JA Company Programme Finals Night comes along, you will not regret it.

Join us on the 11th October to get more information, without any commitment, meet other mentors over a glass of wine, and then decide if you are up for it. Through your participation, you will help us build a network of mentors within a structure where you can also benefit and be supported.