Have you ever found yourself at a loss, grappling with ideas to bring about a groundbreaking innovation? Or perhaps, you’ve faced a puzzling problem that required expert guidance or an extra set of hands to conquer? Good news is you are not on this journey alone! Somewhere, someone at some point has walked a similar path. J. Loren Norris puts forth words of wisdom on that instance: “If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”

While reaching milestones independently is achievable, having a supportive figure to nurture your growth and offer valuable insights can significantly ease the path towards your goals. At Junior Achievement, we wholeheartedly recognize the vital role of mentorship in empowering the youth to thrive in their endeavours.


The dynamic relationship between a mentor and a mentee brings forth great advantages for both individuals. A mentor, drawing from their wealth of experience, becomes an invaluable source of wisdom, having navigated through numerous challenges, and achieved remarkable goals. Their keen eye can spot the hidden potential within a mentee, igniting a spark of inspiration that leads them towards uncharted territories of growth and success. In fact, according to a Deloitte study, people in the workplace have a strong desire for mentorship and perceive themselves as more valuable when their leadership abilities are nurtured by someone who invests time in their growth.

Apart from knowledge and skill development, mentors play a crucial role as objective critics. They provide constructive criticism and honest feedback on the mentee’s business plan, strategies, and tactics. Consequently, this evaluation empowers the mentee to refine their approach, iron out potential pitfalls, and optimize their strategies for better outcomes.

It is worth noting that mentorship is not a linear relationship – as commonly believed. Mentorship provides real value to those volunteering their time and wisdom. Business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs also get a chance to address their own personal and professional growth by gaining deeper insights into cultural issues and emerging work trends. Moreover, they gain access to people from diverse backgrounds, offering fresh perspectives. After all, expanding your knowledge even further is always an asset as one never grows out of the need for growth, even as a successful entrepreneur.

After taking part in our 2023 Company Programme as a mentor, Manager of Vibe FM Station Frank Zammit, reflected on his experience stating, ‘As a first-time mentor, I was not sure what to expect, and looking back at my first experience, all expectation were definitely exceeded.’ He further comments, ‘Over the course of a number of months, I was able to see a massive growth within the students I was mentoring who took their tasks very seriously and were eager to learn more and push the boundaries even further!

As we call for mentors for this year’s Company Programme, we extend a warm invitation to all business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their expertise gained through years of experience and to become part of our team! Your valuable skills as seasoned professionals can make a significant difference, and help the student launch their entrepreneurial journey. Remember, you’re not just signing up for a programme; you’re becoming a partner in a journey of change!