The StartUp Programme offers 5 different signature awards from our partners: HSBC Malta Foundation, EY, Camilleri Preziosi, and Switch.

“Being sustainable means building strong relationships with these stakeholders and taking into account the issues that matter to them.”

The HSBC ESG Sustainability Award

This award recognizes youth entrepreneurs who have incorporated sustainability strategies and practices aimed at environmental and social progress that creates positive community impact into their business practices within their start-up.

The elements that teams must take into consideration are:

  1. Business Sustainability
  2. Environmentally conscious approach
  3. Technology & Digitization
  4. Scalability
  5. Presentation & Soft Skills

HSBC Malta Foundation will provide a €10,000 seed fund for the winning team, should they take their idea forward.

“In a rapidly changing world, at EY we’re making an enduring impact by staying focused on our purpose of Building a better working world.”

The EY Concept Validation Award

This award recognizes team’s work to design the Concept Validation in the first phase of the programme. It determines the feasibility and scope of the start-up idea. This determines if the idea could be operated in real-life environment according to pre-defined level of functionality, operability, and performance – demonstrated through team’s research.

There are 2 main parts to the award:

  1. The Concept Validation Plan:

This Plan that must reflect the initial plan of an actual start-up venture which has feasible projections and a marketing plan that can attract potential investors.

At this stage the team is required to demonstrate skill to use elevator pitch for presenting the priority items of the proposed idea. This interview allows the judges to evaluate consistency between the oral presentation and written plan.

“The close relationships we develop and the keen interest we take in our clients’ businesses enable us to give practical, effective advice and innovative solutions under the most challenging situations.”

The Camilleri Preziosi Customer Focus Award

This award explores how teams deal with customers. How their interaction serves and maximizes the customer experience. It also investigates their decision-making processes, the ability to identify diversified audience and created value for clients. Lastly It explores the ability and understanding of how the star-up anticipates and serves the client’s evolving needs.

The 4 main criteria are: Logo

“Let’s take the Technology industry to the next level”

The Digital Innovation Award will reward the young entrepreneurs who were best able to put their digital skills into practice to conceive an innovative business idea (or concept) and demonstrate the most creative use of digital innovation.

Teams must take into considerations 5 criteria:

“We listen, we understand, and then we create the pathway of services that best tells your story.”

The SWITCH Take Me To Market Award

This award investigates how teams define the brand, the audience and the strategy. It also includes their marketing and customer engagement strategy.

The team must understand the important and this essence of having a brand before it communicated.

Then, they cover the basics of communication with the use of a combination of the defined brand, the audience, and the method of communication.

Through an application process, the company representative from Switch evaluated and selected a winning team.